Okay, Let’s Start Saving!

Happy New Month Lovely People.

It’s a lovely month to stop procrastinating and start saving.

Granted, having a proper simple savings account albeit necessary is stressful due to the numerous documentation asked for, debit charges on the account, long queues, and you don’t want to be this guy below

Good news! You won’t clap? Okay, no problem. So, opening a savings account has never been made easier for everyone serious about putting aside money for a rainy day or a special occasion.The best part about having this savings account is the ease at which you can open it from any place you’re situated.

You stay within the comfort of your environment as piggybank.ng takes care of all extra banking issues which leaves you with the option of choosing what your saving goal for the month should be and where you want your saved money to go to.

Now that we have that settled, all you need to open a piggybank.ng savings account are an active working bank account and a debit card.

Now let me take you through the following simple steps.

  1. Have an active Internet and go to https://www.piggybank.ng/ or click here.
  2. Create a new account and activate your account through the confirmation mail sent.
  3. Make your options of how long you want to save for and the amount you want to put in either weekly or monthly.
  4. You then choose another account where your savings plus interest will be transferred to you whenever you choose to withdraw.
  5. Start saving.

I’ll let you in on a sweet deal.

Piggybank.ng has 4 quarterly intervals which allows you to save for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. This means that you can join anytime and partake of the 1% interest rate accrued on the amount of money you have saved so far at the end of every quarter. The minimum time frame you can save your money for is three months after which you have a free withdrawal date which comes the day before the payment of interest on money saved.

You’d want your interest after waiting so long, won’t you? So why not wait a little more? If you’re worried about the safety of your money, you don’t need to be as piggybank.ng partnered with Access bank and your money is insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation to ensure that proper safekeeping of the accounts.

What then are you waiting for? Start saving now.


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