Hi guys, Guess what? GUESS WHAT? It’s Friday. TURN UP!

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of how to turn up with your friends and counting the seconds till official closing work hour/drinking hour, when you can have a drink without being judged for it. There is a small smile on your face right now seeing as alat just enter not too long ago and you can imagine the dripping swaggu with which you’ll step into that restaurant/club (Olu Maintain’s Pop Champagne playing in your head), order anything you want and tell the bartender to put it on your card.


Stop and think for a minute before you go all Rambo on your account of the coming days in April, the other times you’ll feel like going out but your account balance will rub your head and tell you there’s rice at home. So instead of wilding out and spending too much, how about we give you some pointers on how to save money this month? Still with us? Here goes:

1. Don’t go out. Honestly you don’t have to turn up every Friday. There are some Fridays you should set aside for resting and staying at home. Trust me, you won’t die.

2. If you have to go out, have a budget. Most Friday’s, especially the ones after payday, we tend to lose our minds and forget there are other days ahead. This makes us spend a lot and leads to regrets later. So have a budget in mind and don’t go over it.

3. If all fails, take the exact amount you’ll need or the card with the lowest amount in it. Knowing you have a particular amount at hand will reduce the risk of buying things you don’t need.

4. Learn to say and mean NO. There’s the natural tendency to move from one party or bar to another. Know your limit and learn to say no if this aids your spending.

Before I give you the last life changing tip, I’ll ask a question. Do you want more money than usual left over at the end of the month?

If yes, then:

5. Open a account. What’s better than watching your money get money for you while you sleep? Instead of spending it on drinks and cures for hangovers, save with piggy bank and get more.

Have a lovely weekend ahead. ☺


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