Opening a Piggy Bank Account (WikiHow Style)

Hi guys, It’s a new week and due to demands we have chosen to show you (with pictures), how to open a savings account with Piggybankng. Here is the step by step process:

  1.  Go to Click on the “Start saving for free” option.


2. Enter your full name, email address and phone number.  A verification code will be sent to you shortly after. If you don’t get a code within one minute, please send a message to or skip verification.

20160410170825 (4)

3. You’ll be shown this page after you create an account. Select a deposit frequency.

20160410170825 (2)

4. Input your frequency plan, the amount you want to deposit daily, weekly or monthly and your final cumulative goal is shown. Your final goal can be adjusted by you if you choose.

20160410170825 (3)5. When your saving target has been picked, the terms and conditions will pop up and you can click on it to continue.


6. You’ll then be asked to input your card details (ensure the card and account are active). The purpose of this is to withdraw at the specified time, the amount you chose to deduct as your savings. The amount inputted to be deducted at intervals will be deducted immediately.


6. You have your Options tab where you can change or edit your personal information, account settings, savings target, billing information and withdrawal settings at any point in time. Click on your withdrawal settings option.


7. When you do that, fill in the necessary information in the withdrawal section. This is where your money saved will go to pending when you decide to cash out.


And that’s all folks.

P.S: Do not use an Opera browser to open a piggy bank account. All Nigerian bank cards are accepted (preferably Master Cards)



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