You’re not broke, you’re just Adulting.

Adulting: This recently coined word connotes the various responsibilities one takes upon when one becomes an adult. One minute you are a baby boy or baby girl, stunting on life without a care and the next minute you are receiving the “you are now an adult” speech and baffled at the sudden graduation into adulthood.

No warning, no choice. Like, life please chill.

Before you can blink you have a 9-5 job, bills on bills to pay, family members to cater too, you might even be giving your bae allowance and yet you still have to fight for fuel which is now expensive. You’re in a state of constant confusion at the debit alerts, money seems to leave faster than it enters, flexing is no longer in your vocabulary and being broke seems to be a new way of life for you.

Well, because you have recently entered the school of adulthood doesn’t mean you have to be broke almost all the time. Here are some tips you can apply to your new life to save you from going broke:

  • Take charge of your finances. Do not let your finances control you.
  • Draw up a budget plan and STICK to it despite unforeseen circumstances.
  • Set aside a particular sum monthly as part of your savings before spending out of your total income.
  • Get rid of WANTS and focus only on your NEEDS. Know the difference.
  • Surround yourself with those who understand the importance of saving and investing money.
  • Open a savings account with piggybankng. It doesn’t cost much and you’ll be free of unnecessary debit alerts.
  • Get a side job. Something you can do during your free time that isn’t energy consuming.

So, go out there and adult with these tips without being broke.


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