Frugal Movement.

Hi guys,

Let me teach you the frugal walk. Shake your right leg, then the left, place one foot forward, followed by another, take the right…okay, you can sit down now and read today’s post.

Last week, we started a frugal movement to teach people how to live frugally and still enjoy life. Today, we are focusing on how to move around and still be frugal with your transportation expenses. Here we go:

Use you Legs: Walking and Cycling doubles as an exercise and a way to save money. Those short distances that require you to walk instead of taking a Keke Napep or a motorbike, take advantage of them and walk or ride your bike. You save the little change that you spend paying another to take you from one point to another. You know what? Try doing this for a week and reward yourself at the end of a month with a healthier body and maybe a pair of shoes from all that change saved. Nice right?

Public Transportation: is your friend: I see you scrunching up your nose and scrolling past really fast. Holdup first!!! Taking public transportation is not as bad as is portrayed. You find the weirdest and funniest conversations in a vehicle filled with strangers, you learn new routes, those legs could use a break from switching from your A, B,C’s of your private cars, mechanics won’t give you a run for your money because of some car repairs and you really do not have to deal with LASTMA officials and the likes. So, try it out today.

Carpool: You come out of your house and take a stroll to the car waiting outside. You ride shotgun or like a boss behind and probably take a nap while someone navigates around potholes, car drivers while playing good music for you for a small price. Isn’t that something special? That is basically what carpooling is all about. Sharing a ride with someone to and fro from work or an appointment while paying a small amount for the luxury gotten.

Travel Frugally: Wanderlust is actually a thing and consumes those who love travelling. This doesn’t mean you should splurge your entire savings on travelling or not travel at all. You can satisfy your wanderlust and still save money. Look for good, cheap travel deals, travel in groups to reduce cost, make use of public transportation (you can sightsee this way also) and take advantage of good, cheap or free accommodations when you do.

Get Rid of Taxi Service Apps: Remove all or all but one of your taxi service apps when your free ride or promos expire. Also, cancel your email subscription to those apps to get rid of the devil dancing on your shoulder telling you to order that Uber or AfroCab ride.

I’ve tried for you people ba? Now go forth and move frugally. May the forces be with you.


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