Working with your Finances.

Good morning guys,

Payday is just around the corner for you, there are bills to be paid, debts to be paid off, savings to put aside for a rainy day, you might even need to pour some money into that investment and you still want enough leftover to move around and spoil yourself.

Most times, we tend to lose our heads at the sound of the long awaited credit alerts. For that brief insane moment, we splurge on things we don’t need and forget all about our financial issues. Paying exuberantly for various products and services without a care, buying things we don’t need, focusing on satisfying our wants and neglecting our needs. I mean, we have to slay for those Instagram likes and Twitter Retweets now, don’t we?

Before the week after payday comes to an end, we break out in cold sweat at the thought of our bank accounts and there is the need to visit the toilet. This confused reaction at how much was wasted occurs when we fail to work with our finances. Knowing what your priorities are and placing them on a scale of preference helps you work properly with your finances. You organize this scale in order of importance, making a choice and placing the things that are most important to you first and working your way down the scale.

Working with your finances will mean having a scale of preference as you have to forego certain wants to focus on getting certain needs done. When working with your finances, you may come to the realization that your financial resources may be limited or in excess. This should not deter you from making proper budget plans on the best way to allocate your financial resources.

The month of April and the first quarter of the year draws to an end and opens a new slate for the coming month as well as a new quarter of the year. Now will be the best time to take stock of your finances, make a scale of preference and allocate your finances to top priorities. It’s also a lovely time to save money and make wise financial investments.

Go on, make that list and work with your finances, not against it. Have a lovely Monday.


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