Piggy or Bacon?

Meal Plan? Check

FitBit? Check

Trainers/Gym Clothes? Check

Okay, let’s do this.

Summer is around the corner and most people have been training towards that day. Some fell off the wagon and climbed back on, some stayed on all through and well, some were just born lucky with a dash of good genes and all. Whatever, the case may be, one thing is for sure, Summer is Coming.

Are you ready?!!!

Is your bank account ready too? Have you been feeding your piggy bank regularly or has your piggy died from starvation and neglect? Your summer body is looking on fleek and you have dreams of places to travel to, things to buy, events to attend and many more things to check off that summer list. However, your account might eventually tell you that there is rice at home or Hard Rock Cafe might be a perfect place to have brunch with your friends and family. This is dependent on how much has been saved or is being saved towards achieving your goals.

Do i need to talk further? Do i need to convince you that summer is around the corner and your piggy as well as your body should be on fleek? Making detailed plans and putting some money towards that goal can still be accomplished even as we enter the second quarter of this year. Just as you require discipline when working on your body to look better, you need o exercise discipline to have a healthy bank account.

It’s too early to make bacon out of your piggy so why not feed it continuously towards a greater, different goal. Make your piggy bank a prized, well fed account. You really do not want to be the person who when called out for an outing of any kind says he or she can’t make it because:


Running to build your piggy bank yet?


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