Be Fit, Be Frugally Fit

“…that’s right, put in work, eat your salads, no dessert…”

Getting and staying fit requires a fortune right? WRONG. The picture we have in mind most times when we think of the FitFam life is said individual throwing money in the air while dancing around a bonfire spending a ton of money on expensive salads, exercise regimes and what not. Stop fretting. You don’t have to break your account in order to live a fabulous, fit life.

Take a step away from those IG food pages calling you to order those mouthwatering expensive meals and move closer to those Do-It-Yourself pages showing you how to make those meals yourself. Staying fit isn’t a walk in the park on a sunny day, it requires dedication amongst other things but going broke isn’t one of them. There are a various ways on how to stay fit and eat healthy in order to slay in that outfit you’ve been eyeing for a while now without totally going broke. Here are some of them:

Do your research: Most people are quick to throw money at fitness professionals without having background knowledge on what they are going into. Carrying a bit of research on your fitness goal goes a long way as you realize most of what you’re paying for is already out there for free.

Free exercise plans: Exercising doesn’t mean you should pay excessive amounts of money at that expensive gym around your home or workplace. There are tons of exercises suited for your body type which are easily accessible and can be done at home. Find a workout plan that fits into your lifestyle and work with that.

Shop in bulk: Buying foods in large quantities is always cheaper than buying it in smaller quantities. The fitness revolution is an infectious bug and your friends can catch it just like you have. The key is to find those interested in the fit life and team up with them. Buying foods will be made easier and cheaper for you which saves you some cash.

Home-made meals?: Yes. Homemade meals are the way to go when saving money and getting fit. Take time off and prep your meals following what you have and a meal calendar. That way, it’s easy to keep track of items you’re low on and it’ll save you money on buying food outside. You’re also keeping fit by eating healthy too.

Go Thrift shopping: No you did not just suggest that and we will step away from your phone now in 4, 3, 2 … Oh! You’re still with me? Thank Goodness. Let’s continue then. Going shopping in thrift stores aka bend down and select is one sure way of saving money on your fitness outfit. This doesn’t diminish the quality of the items as they are still very good and will give you a run for your money.

Take time off this weekend and make detailed plans to save money and stay fit. May the forces be with you as you do so.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a fitness guide by professionals. We are just trying to help you stay fit and save too.


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