May Day or Mayday?

May Day.

These two similar words mean two entirely different things. The first was coined from an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival which was usually a public holiday. As time went on, May Day was chosen to be the date for the celebration of
International Workers’ Day worldwide. This day, the first of May is set aside to celebrate all labourers and all those in the working class. It could be referred to as Labour Day. On that day, most countries declare it a public holiday and one thing is for sure, workers look forward to this day to rest and recuperate. This day, some countries make adjustments to the minimum wage and your personal account also takes a short break from all the spending done in the previous month.

The second is a cry for help. It is an international voice procedure radio distress signal use by ships and aircrafts. This word is used to signal a life-threatening emergency used mainly by aviators and mariners but it also can be used by local organizations in various countries. The call is given out three times in a row so as not to be confused by any other word under noisy conditions.

Which one is your bank account saying this morning?

Is your account going to take this take off to celebrate wise financial choices made by you or is it giving out a cry for help today? It is never too late to start saving in order to sit back and enjoy your hardwork and discipline later.

Happy May Day!
Happy Mayday?


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