Old Things and New Money

Good morning guys.

Do you have a pile of old clothes or items you’re not using? A rack of shoes that don’t fit but you can seem to part with? Old toys that gather dust day in and day out but you’d never let go of? Is there a certain closet that holds your evidence of being a hoarder of items and odd things? Well, it’s time to get rid of that clutter pile of oddities and make money from them.

Garage sales or yard sales are one sure way of getting people to come around and pay for items you’d never use again. That stack of old newspapers or that scary pile of bottles and plastic containers can be exchanged for a nice sum of money, if you’ll just let go of them. There are even sites who allow the exchange of unused items for items you’d like or better still, you get to put up those items and people buy them from these sites.

Most humans naturally possess the habit of keeping items whether they are valuable or not to them. Our inner hoarder applauds our effort as we toss one more piece of clothing, play toy, book or anything to that pile of everything.  Getting rid of clutter helps you organize your life and your mind is free to focus on better things. On the plus side, you can make money from that clutter pile.

Declutter today.


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