Creatively Frugal or Just Cheap?

Hi there,

This post is for the cheap, not-willing-to-spend-money people out there who are will but not able to do something nice for their partner or loved one due to insufficient financial resources. Let’s explore the frugal world for ways to treat your partner right and still save money.

If you’re still reading this, it’s not too late.

Ever wanted to do something nice for your partner, friend, lover, potential bae,  and so on but your account balance keep laughing at you anytime you shop online or look for nice places to take them to. Your account rarely agrees with you on days you want to splurge on the person you love as you are constantly reminded that there is rice at home waiting for you.

Lord do i need to put my account in rice too?

Trying to save money when it comes to dating and relationships can be a bit tricky as your frugal ways might be confused for you being just plain cheap. It’s important you maintain a reasonable budget and find the best deals around at any given moment, although the other person might be far from impressed when those habits make you look cheap. Listen there is a fine line between being creatively frugal and just being cheap and most people miss it. So here are some ideas that won’t break your account and still make you look good:

  • Pizza, wine, video games, movies and chill?
  • Plan a picnic and maybe go to the movies after
  • Take lunch to them at work with a lovely note inside
  • Send an inexpensive box of all their favorite things at random
  • Offer to pay for half of their tickets to a concert showing their favorite artist
  • Make home cooked meals with one expensive gift like wine or flowers or chocolates
  • Plan a weekend getaway to someplace quiet place without gadgets or outside distractions
  • Win a spa day, paintballing, kayaking, food coupon for them or giveaways on social media of something they’ll like

These are creative ideas for treating your partners however it doesn’t mean you should make it a norm. Putting yourself in financial debt after going all out or pretending to be anorexic on a date aren’t sensible things to do just because you are trying to make another feel happy. Also, having an understanding partner is key.

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to try some of these ideas out for your partner.



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