Frugal Turn Up

“Owo lo fi’n do something o” plays through your earphones and your left foot taps alongside the beat as you frequently glance at the clock waiting for closing hour. Your body does this slow dance on your seat as you think of the dress set aside for you to slay in, the dance steps you’ve been practising to throwdown and the amount of bottles that will be popped at the club tonight.

Do you really have to turn up at that club tonight?

Part of saving and making wise investments is that you have to forfeit some things in order to allow greater things come. Swiping that card and ordering for overly priced drink while you gyrate and move to the loud music coming from speakers in an enclosed space filled with other bodies isn’t really worth the headache and confusion you’ll get after from trying to figure out where your money went.


So, instead of doing that, how about you have a quiet Friday for a change (we call it turning up frugally). Get a bottle of wine or juice or whatever you like to drink, have a few friends around, order in some meal your trainer will definitely frown at (you deserve this after a hard week) and have fun over nice conversation and games. If that is too mainstream for you, then go out and watch movies back to back with friends. Have a late meal after, drive around taking in the scenery (remember fuel is now 145 Naira/L) and go home happy.

“O fe ra motor, asho ti o common…” are what we all want and more. So think of the cars, good business investments and things you want to really have and think of that before you spend all that money in a few hours on overly priced drinks and probably a couple of aspirin after.
Have a lovely Friday and weekend.



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