In times like this…

when fuel queues run longer than the river Nile, you’re sold a litre of fuel for 145 Naira at least, the woman who sells tomatoes to you on a regular doles out 4 pieces of fitfam looking tomatoes at an exuberant price and in the midst of it all, your income doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo on the change agenda; you have to learn to make difficult choices in order to get by.

The current economic situation is harsh,  you have limited resources with numerous needs and scarcity has become the order of the day. Mistakes, especially financial mistakes made will cost you a lot because your resources being managed have to wear a waist trainer in order to meet all or most of your needs. At this point in time, effective management of not only your resources or time but more importantly, your mental state is key. Now, scarcity doesn’t have to spell all gloom and doom as there is a positive side to not having enough.  You automatically have an enviable laser focus and you can clearly see the areas wherein you’re lacking due to your choices being narrowed down and limited resources at hand.

There are still bills to be paid, the cost of living is higher while your income stays out, therefore, this scarcity forces you to make difficult choices making you forego even more things in order to focus on more important needs. You’re thinking right now that you shouldn’t have skipped those economic classes right? Okay don’t be confused. It’s pretty simple. Let’s say you have 1500 Naira and you have the choice of either watching Civil War or getting food to eat for that day; which do you forego? What choice will you make between the two?

Your needs are so many and your resources are so little and in times like this, you find alternatives and improvise to get by day to day without going bankrupt or disrupting your daily routine. Instead of fresh tomatoes, use tin tomatoes. Eggs are really a good source of protein and cheaper too. Rechargeable standing fans emit cool air and doesn’t require your generator to be run all night. So, in times like this, find alternative means of living that works well for you.

Oh, and have a lovely, stress free week. 🙂


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