Messy Mondays and Micro Management

It’s the last Monday in the month of May and what better time is there than now to talk on micromanaging? First of all, did you all have a good night’s rest and is your Monday messy yet?

Monday’s for most people are like worst days the of the weekdays. It signifies an end to your weekend, you’re awake by an ungodly hour, rushing to get ready in the darkness (if your generator isn’t on and PHCN isn’t on your side) and then hustling to join the commuters in a struggle to clock in at work on time. Monday’s for others may mean a new week to scout for jobs and serves as a reminder of your current unemployed state. Your Monday’s are filled with numerous unanswered emails, you’re exhausted before 10am and you haven’t even had your coffee or breakfast yet. You’re so stressed your stress ball is stressed.


It doesn’t always have to be this way if you learn to micromanage your Mondays. Micromanaging is basically taking control of an activity and managing all the parts with close attention to every detail. I know most of you reading this are already cringing at the word but micromanaging your day isn’t always negative. Taking out time to plan how you want your day to go is different from managing a group of people. This is you managing your own day and the processes involved in making your day. Micromanaging your day successfully minimizes the mess most Monday’s turn out to be and your day can be made much better when properly planned. In order to micromanage your Mondays successfully, you need an understanding of the pattern they follow. Get your affairs in order the night before and don’t wait till the last minute to get things done. As you make your plans, let your drawn up plans have a backup plan as the days are unpredictable. Above all, give room for mistakes and stay calm and positive in face of uncertainties.

Have a lovely, positively micromanaged Monday.


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