Making sense of change.

A lot has changed in the economy over the past few months from the change on the administration in government, to the change in the value of the Naira against other foreign currencies. In all this, one thing is clear which is the reaction of the people to the drastic economic change. Over the past few years, the Nigerian economy has taken several hits which reduced the value of the Naira when compared with other currencies in the global market. This devaluation of the Naira has caused inflation, higher cost of living for the people amongst other things.


During this period of time, little monies lost during transactions should be greatly avoided and well, you don’t need anyone to tell you that every naira counts. Curbing certain expenses, certain international expenses should be priority and patronizing Nigerian made goods and products is advisable. Let’s say, you could live off one source of income before the change occurred, now with the hike in prices of goods and services either limits your purchasing power or puts you in debt which are both not good. With this in mind, you know you need other sources of income in order to balance out your purchasing power with enough leftover to save and invest for a rainy day.

Technology has made it easy to provide paid services to millions of people over the internet and there are various well paying side jobs you can do without them interfering with your main job or source of income. Some of these jobs are catering, photography, event planning, baby-sitting, cooking, blogging, tutoring, make-up, social media management, fashion designing, graphic design and many more. The internet has made it easy to market your skills and services through various social media platforms to millions of users worldwide who are ready to pay for your services. So, this change might not make sense to you now but it doesn’t have to put you in debt, cause you to panic unnecessarily and rid you of basic living needs. Maybe this change is what you need to shake you out of your comfort zone and adapt for the now.

Have a lovely Wednesday and see you on Friday.


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