Wallet Hacks.

Do you need an introduction to this post? Yes? No? Okay, okay, it’s basically about the little things you can do to save money. Some may sound absurd but don’t dismiss them just because they do. So, let’s dive right in.

  • Buy in bulk. Need I say more on this?
  • Boil your water and put in bottles as opposed to buying bottled water always. It’s healthier even.
  • Take advantage of carpooling services or public transportation. Having a well maintained car is expensive so enjoy your days of having strangers in the same vehicle with you.
  • Learn to cook and actually cook. It’s a basic survival skill. Or would you rather budget a chunk of your income on takeouts rather than have fun learning to make your meals for yourself?
  • Turn off your lights and appliances. We forget to turn off appliances not in use most of the time and this is basically you adding to your electricity bill. Oh, it’s way better to use CFLs and LEDs because they are energy efficient light bulbs rather than regular incandescent bulbs.
  • Make lists and stick to it. You could also take a disciplined friend along if you’re a shopaholic. This will save you from branching into different shops or moving from one website to another which leads to buying things you don’t need.
  • Carry out regular checkups on both yourself and your machinery. Rather than put things off till there’s a total breakdown and spending huge amounts, constant regular checkups can save you a whole lot of money.
  • Drink water and close your wallet. No seriously, drink water. How much do you spend on carbonated drinks daily? Are you doing the math now? How do you feel? Yeah, so drink lots of water, close your wallet and shine.
  • Do It Yourself. The tear on your shirt, the broken cabinet, the loose door handle…Fix it yourself. You can and it has been made easier with access to the Internet. Get a tool box or a sewing kit and fix those little things yourself instead of paying for it to be fixed.
  • Maximize yard sales, thrift shops and the market. Close your laptop and take a trip to the market, put on your haggling hat and get those goods at a reduced price. (Tip: Evening markets are way cheaper).
  • Buy appliances that will last and take advantage of their warranty. Rather than buying a lot of cheap appliances that don’t last, buy one that will and get good value for your money. This also goes for clothes, books, weaves, shoes, PCs and much more.
  • Avoid stress spending. It feels good to kick back and let your money take your stress away after a long day at work or after dealing with stressful people. It’s not a good idea after and there are other ways of relieving stress rather than impulse spending.
  • Keep the plastics away. You honestly do not feel it when you’re swiping away when purchasing items. So keep the cards at bay and use more of hard cash.

Well, there you go. Do those yourself.


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