From the Outside

Looking in from the inside will show you that all that glitters ain’t gold. Sometimes it’s just a ray of sunshine caught on a glass surface, other times it’s an imitation of the real deal and on few occasions, it’s really gold. Viewing our finances from the owner’s perspective will show you the cracks, the red lines, budget cuts…basically the struggle to make ends meet. You know how best you manage your finances to have the basic needs and most days your account balance is “rub and shine” and other days, it’s a full fledged spa treatment.

Others looking in from the outside can only see the shine and fail to see the cracks beneath which gives off the illusion that their account balances are on never on “there is rice at home” mode but always on “let me pamper myself today” mode. This illusion is what forces most of us to live above our means thinking we’re trying to reach a standard set by others. Yes, by all means strive to be better, to do better, acquire more, invest and save more but don’t try to live above your means just because you’re trying to be like someone else. Go at your pace, manage your finances well and don’t apologize for saying NO to things you can’t afford now.

Most times we have what we don’t need and this is a result of trying to keep up to standards which doesn’t help us in the long run. Delayed gratification should be practised at this point in your life where you have a working phone but desire another one just because everyone is making a fuss about it, forgetting that a better model will come out soon enough and then might you be able to afford that without breaking the bank. Learn to say No and stick by it.

Have a lovely Wednesday.


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