Window Shopping?

There’s nothing better than hearing or in this case, seeing “Enter the CODE: BUYMORE to get 50% Off all items” when you go through your favorite online shopping sites. There’s that twitch in your eye and suddenly you can type about 180 words per minute searching for what you want. Personally 50 Cent’s “Window Shopper” plays in the background as I open various tabs on my screen and watch as the cart fills up. I mean, drinking Garri later as I look at my pile of shoes ain’t so bad right?

Well, seeing as there has been a ban placed on certain international card transactions, you can only glance and not click on the “PAY NOW” button. Sucks right? On the contrary, it’s a blessing in disguise for impulsive buyers and for the Nigerian market. Entering your card details and receiving debit alerts isn’t as disheartening as parting with physical cash and this ban makes you more aware of the amount you spend buying things you may or may not need. Also, you have to admit that haggling or negotiating with traders gives you some sort of personal satisfaction when you get a pair of shoes priced at 9000 naira for 4000 naira and you also help to strengthen the value of the naira.

Admittedly, you may still want that jacket whispering your name through the screen of your computer but you can only pick and pick all the items you desire and close the checkout tab when you’re done.


On the plus side, by the time the ban is lifted, you’d realize how much you’ve saved from not clicking on the pay button as you checkout. So, eat your hot Jollof rice and plantain, roll up your sleeves and look for Nigerian online sites or enter the market to buy what you need. It’ll be fun.

Have a happy weekend ahead.

P.S: There’ll be a post on how to save money while shopping online later.


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