Do you need the new XYZ Phone coming to the Market?

The usage and purchase of cellphones have increased significantly over the past decade. Can you all remember when we saw our parents using which is now the old generation Siemens, the Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia phones? This type


Do you remember how excited you were when you saw your parents using those phones? How most had to struggle with landlines? How costly a SIM card was (about 35000 naira then) and how little was spent on recharging the phone for use? Now let’s come back to the 21st century where a new phone model is released almost every quarter of the year and how there are so many phone brands out there in the market. Nowadays phones are not just used for making and receiving calls or texts but have progressed and manufacturers have integrated other features in various phones and now phones can be used for making and watching videos, holding meetings and conferences, social media interaction, taking pictures and so on.

With each evolution came an increase in the prices of phones and phone bills. An average smartphone costs about 30,000 naira to purchase and this isn’t inclusive of maintenance and credit/data bills. You’re thinking that’s not a lot right? However, roughly about 48% of Nigerians make use of android phones and let’s not even begin with percentage of iPhone users. So imagine the amount of money going into the mobile phone industry. Again, there is the societal pressure to meet up with current versions of phone brands in the market and so many people get overly priced phones and use them like they would regular priced phones. This causes most to spend what they didn’t budget for and even spend more on data, call credit and phone repairs. For instance: the iPhone 6S 16GB costs about 210,00  and the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge costs about 250,000. To fix a broken screen will set you back about 60,000 at least. Are the wheels turning in your head already?

Think about it, what phone do you use now? Is there another cheaper phone model which does exactly what your phone does right now? If there is, what are you waiting for? Are you willing to spend above your budget just to fit in?
Save a lot of money by using what you need and not what society deems fit for you.
Have a lovely Monday and week ahead.


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