Frugal Challenge.

Few weeks back, we welcomed Spendthrifts to the frugal family, encouraging them and dropping tips on how to gain membership by living frugally. If you can’t recall, here is the link for those just joining us and those who can’t recall. We are ending the month of June and entering the month of July very soon which is a perfect time for us to enter an Uber Frugal Month Challenge.

Excited yet? Yes? Of course you are.

Now, i won’t ask you to bring the tongue of an albino alligator or a three day old mosquito as requirements to taking part of the challenge, however, you’ll need a very detailed spreadsheet of everything you spend money on, your very committed self and an acceptance to embrace a lifestyle change. Gotten them? Okay, let’s begin. First of all, you’ll need to settle in (probably with your last cup of overly priced iced coffee), get a spreadsheet of all you spend money on (things such as groceries, wine, transportation, dining, fuel and so on) and eliminate things you don’t need or can make do without. If there are things you do  need, those mandatory expenses such as transportation bills, light bills and so on; is there a way you can put a ceiling price on those expenses or cut down on them just a bit? Substitution may come into play here. You don’t have to make away with your morning coffee but you can however, make your morning coffee yourself instead of buying it daily.

Having done this, you should know by now that your lifestyle has changed either a little bit or drastically. It all depends on what is left on the list. Right now you’re thinking, ‘heeeyyyyyy this isn’t so bad. LET’S DO THIS’. Well, simmer down a bit there Frugal Newbie as you haven’t started making your coffee yet, fighting off the temptation of ordering in instead of cooking or not entering your card details on those online shopping sites. The following days will be tough but you have to find a happy place, look at the rewards ahead and move on firmly with your new resolution. You can do anything you set your mind to so just keep pushing yourself. Try this for a month and continue on afterwards. Make it your lifestyle.

Ladies and Gentlemen,






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