How Far Are You Willing To Go?

Any answers? Yes, you there at the back. How far are you willing to go to save money in this harsh economy? Are you going to start trekking to work? Or tap into your “bless you sir for a free ride” skills? Are you going to find out how long you can fast for or how long you can go without food just to save money? What extremities are you willing to indulge in to save a few extra bucks?

Now if you’ll just turn to page 452 of the Frugality Handbook, we will get started on some extreme frugal practices (Warning: This is not for the faint hearted). Over the past few weeks, we spoken on ways to practice simple frugal living; the things to cut down on, what to get rid of and how to enjoy the simple frugal life. Today however, we will delve deeper into things to do to unlock a new mode of frugal living.

Again, how far are you willing to go to live frugally? Not putting lights during the day time and turning off all the lights at night save for one bulb to save the electricity bill? Walking to a farther bus stop than the one close to your house to reduce the amount you pay for transport and save you money? Not buying clothes or shoes or wines for a period of 6 months at least and not going crazy after your 6 month wait? Being known as a freebie lord by all and sundry because you subscribe to all forms of “help” while scoring freebies on all platforms? Not letting go of newly spoilt food but cooking and eating it or being known as a regular dinner time visitor in another person’s house? Being viewed as a miser or a stingy person or a cheap person for not spending money?

These may sound ridiculous to you and they are, but whatever is with doing is worth doing well. Find out ways to live frugally this month and have fun with it. You can start with a 30 day water only challenge and save money spent on drinks daily.

Have a Lovely New Month.


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