Everyday is Hair Day

“change your style, another one, another one…”

For girls, having to do your hair while growing up was either a moment to dread or a moment of fun. You don’t think so? Remember the thread hairstyles that left you in pain for days after and you had a swelling or two as your personal trophy? Or the way your hair was parted with so much vigor that you thought that hair will never grow there again? Best of all was when the lady making your hair will put your head in compromising, questionable positions that you thought this was the hell your parents scared you with?

Admittedly, in as much as it was hell going through all that, making hair then was simple and cheap and we all had our personal favorite styles whether it was all back (with or without brush), police cap, shuku, koroba, patewo with base and so on. You remember seeing this poster in salons right?


Time passed on and there were changes both in our individual tastes and in the fashion industry. Then came the introduction of various kinds of hair extensions into our lives and the realization of how expensive it is to buy, install and maintain them. Imagine how shocked you were the first time you went to purchase your hair extension yourself? Hearing the individual selling your weave that you’ll need two packets priced at 4000 each and wondering if shaving your hair was such a bad idea. Well, we coped with that. It was even more shocking hearing your regular hair extension customer marketing weaves (human hair) at 40,000 and above for some bundles of hair. You probably laughed and gave her the stink eye right? Again, we coped.

However if you add up how much you’ve spent on hair extensions especially if you’re a devoted buyer of Peruvian and the likes, you’d cringe at the amount spent. Now, what’s the solution to this? Anyone? Anyone? Here are some few pointers on how to reduce the amount spent on hair:

  • Get with the natural hair trend.
  • Make a wig. A really good one and maintain it.
  • Love braids which helps protect your natural hair.
  • Invest in good weaves as opposed to weaves you have to change constantly.
  • Let your hair breathe. Once in awhile, allow your hair stay free from extensions.

There you have it. Have a lovely hair day and weekend ahead.


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