Hair Day for Men is Everyday

Indicate by a show of hands please, How many guys barbed skin when they were younger? How many still do that? How many have dyed their hair or scalp before? How many still do that? How many have cheated on their barber here? How many have been faithful to that same barber for years now? Okay, you can all drop your hands now.

It’s pretty hard to find a barber who understands your hairline and treats it with so much special care so when you do find one, you hold on to him and never let go. No matter what is being charged for a haircut or sometimes the distance you have to travel for one, you pay because you’re a brand new man when you come forth from that mini hair surgery. Growing up in Nigeria, most guys didn’t care much about their hair as long as it came in contact with water and soap daily and got a good trim once a while. As for keeping a beard, you were simply not allowed to unless you’ve joined bad gang. You were convinced by your parents that ”gorimapa” will suit you and after you came out with your shiny head, you realized


It’s 2016 and things have changed. With the coming back of “beard gang” and “Afros”, more men are concerned about their beard and hair. It’s normal to see guys asking about conditioners, creams, natural oils, silk scarves, shampoos and generally getting products that work for them instead of using anything they see around. They spend more money on hair products and getting a good trim. It may not seem like much when you compare them to how much women spend on their hair alone but it does take a dip in your finances when men decide to splurge on hair products and a good trim.

You’re asking yourself why you do spend a lot on hair and beard products right? Okay, let’s go into that. Most times, guys buy what is in trend or what has worked for another person or what is the most expensive thinking that’s the best product out there for their hair. However, they fail to realize that what works for one may not work for another and you have to find what works for YOU. Guys also splurge on things they don’t need which in turn is an expense that could have been avoided. Knowing this, go to your shelf or table or medicine cabinet and go through your products. Sort out the ones you need and the ones you bought on a whim in a moment of weakness. Then go online and find out what product works best for you. Also, you may have a good barber but it won’t hurt to explore and find better barbers with better prices for your trim.

Save your money and still look good. Have a lovely Hair sorry, Friday.


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