Finance is Beans.

Wait, I’m getting somewhere with this title *sips cup of Iced Caramel Macchiato*. Okay I lied, I’m eating ewagoyin with fried dodo as awesome people do it on Monday mornings. Some start their day with a jolt of energy from exercising, some from driving and some get it from beans in various forms. Whatever the case may be, you need that energy buzz to get and keep you moving.

Have you ever tried cooking beans before? You look at the tiny grains and think it’s easy to cook and it’ll get soft and edible in no time. LOL! Jon Snow! You need the patience of a god to wait for it to get soft enough before adding all your Mede-Mede and spices (depending on the way it’s being cooked). One thing however is inevitable, that the finished product is worth waiting for. Now on the other hand, if you can’t make it and you want it, you have to buy it. Imagine the humiliation you’ll face if after eating your hot steaming plate of beans or drinking your cup of coffee, you swipe your card at the counter and you’re told your card has been declined. There’s that always moment where you’ll share with the clerk as you try to figure out what to do.

Finance is hard work and patience is what I’m saying. You should take your time and build up a strong personal financial record starting from now. Stop the frivolous spending that will eventually to your overdrawn bank account, start reading financial magazines and ask questions to people who know more than you regarding money. Start budgeting and gain control over your money instead of letting your money control you, Get all your ingredients ready and start preparing towards a final result. Set an achievable goal over a reasonable timeframe and work towards it. People learn things in different ways, but some of the best lessons are learned through the stories of other people. Don’t wait till you’re caught staring at the clerk wondering where all your money went that you can’t afford to pay for your cup of coffee or plate of ewagoyin.

Have a lovely Monday and awesome week ahead.


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