Fabulously low.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe right now? I’m guessing if society didn’t judge you or if your job/parents/friends allowed it, you’ll wear it every single day with so much joy. Well, do you have a second, third, fourth or fifth favorite piece of clothing item? What about something to pair that item with; a shoe, sandal, another clothing or even your accessory? You have a full mental image of you in them right now, right?

What’s special to us doesn’t cost so much and lasts for a very long time in most situations. It might be that dress you saw in the tiny corner shop or that pair of shoes you snagged at an outrageously low price from Yaba night market. Mentally going through your wardrobe will bring you to the realization that the things you love the most were gotten at a reasonable price from different places. Is the bond we form with these items due to the feeling we get from buying such beautiful, comfortable items at a low price?

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to break your bank or cause you heart palpitations just because you feel if it isn’t expensive, it is wrong and shouldn’t even be considered. Fashion, like everything else is in a constant state of change. Trying to keep up at the expense of your expenses (see what I did there šŸŒš) will only make you run mad (you won’t run mad in Jesus name). So why do that when you can get durable items at cheap rates. Don’t be scared to try out new spots, haggle with sellers for their prices and strike a good bargain. You can still look fabulous, stay in fashion and not give up on your favorite treats if you’ll only look a little lower.

So what are you waiting for? Bend your waist and pick up those clothing items. Happy shopping!


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