Making it Rain.

We’ve been going on and on about how to save and invest money, how to be frugal, ways to have a good retirement plan and so on. We’ve never however talked on how to show you’re a big boy or big girl and tell everyone, without talking, say money no be problem. Looking around you, there’s always that one person that complains about being broke and yet never fails to waste spend money at any given opportunity. Their attitude towards phones, weave-ons, cars, bags, shoes, clothes, vacations, restaurants, food, also-ebi and so on is


Spotting those who aren’t financially mature are big spenders is easy and this post is for those that want to join the league. Registration will commence soon and here are the requirements.

  • You must pay for other people’s items at every turn. They don’t have to ask you to pay, you must offer to pay for everything that isn’t yours. How else will they know you have money to spend
  • Buying unnecessary things impulsively must be the order of your day for you. You see that dragon-scale, burnt-greenish-blue shoe you don’t need? Yes! You must buy it and never wear it.
  • Try, sorry, you must keep up with every current fashion or gadget trend in the market. Pre-order everything, even the ones that don’t fit you and the ones you don’t know how to use. As long as it has reared its’ head in the market, you must have it.
  • Never sell things you don’t need. Give them out for free, even the ones you haven’t used. After all you’re obeying the rule that says, ‘Givers never lack’. So, you must not be caught doing a yard sale or selling anything you don’t need. Pull an Oprah and go ”you get free stuff, you get free stuff, everyone gets free stuff”


  • Never looking for alternative, cheaper outlets or sellers for your goods. If it’s not on IG or the label doesn’t produce dreamy eyes from the observer, it doesn’t exist to you and you must not be seen purchasing such. What is a market? What is bend-down-select?
  •  Outsource every little thing to professionals and paying outrageous prices for them. Why do something yourself when you can pay for it, right? DIY-Do It Yourself means paying for it to be done for you. Your contact book must contain names like “Chinedu Meat””Kunle Plumber””Jerry Appliances”… and so on.
  • Not working with a budget. I mean, what is a budget when you have all this money gun spraying money? To you, this money lasts forever and will never leave you, so why are you preparing for the worst? “You Only Live Once”, as they say so you can as well live life to the fullest. Tomorrow’s worries can take care of themselves.
  • Buying bottled water always. No dispenser water, no sachet water, just bottled water. You have a big boy status to live up to and can’t be caught using anything apart from bottled water, even to cook. This doesn’t even apply to water only but to everything.

Stay tuned on other ways to spend money and live like a big boy/girl


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