Friday Blues.

Everyone says TGIF when Friday comes and there’s this excited feeling that comes over you knowing you can stay out late or do whatever you want without worrying about waking up early to rush in to work the day after. Then just as you’re getting settled into that lovely feeling, the Friday Blues strike. You’re probably wondering what those are so I’ll tell you. It’s the feeling that drowns your happy Friday feeling which makes you feel annoyed, sad or just plain moody. It may stem from the feeling that the weekend might be too short or the thought of your not so well account balance comes to mind or that you may still have to work the next day. Whatever it is, you need to shake it off and enjoy the coming weekend.

It’s alright to treat yourself to something nice (which wouldn’t set you back much) after weeks of saving. Go out with some friends or colleagues, stay in with your pet, food and wine (if you’re old enough) or visit a new place you’ve been meaning to for a while now. Write down a list of things you’d love to do and ensure you don’t break the bank doing that. You could also prepare for the coming week by getting your affairs in order which is important in ensuring you don’t suffer the Monday blues too. Whatever you do, ensure the Friday blues don’t get to you and don’t overspend trying to get over it.

Have a lovely Friday.


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