Stock Up!

No I didn’t say Stocks Up so this isn’t a post about market stocks, shares and investment. This is rather, a post about your personal inventory. If you’ve ever been caught pants down, tushy on the toilet bowl and in a state of absolute shock and bewilderment as you realize there’s no tissue around as unwanted contents are discharged from your body through your rectum, you’d know the importance of stocking up on not just toiletries but everything else. Yes, you may think it’s funny but finding yourself in questionable positions over and again will tell you the importance of performing regular checks on your stocks and renewing depleted ones at intervals.

You walk into a store at random, browsing through the aisles looking for what you may or may not need, spot a few things and buy them. The thought comes to you that you’ll need a few more to replace the used ones at home and most of the time, we ignore such thoughts. With the ever increasing price of goods in the economy and avoiding running out of products when needed, storing goods in bulk is a necessity. Yes, it’s obvious you can’t store every kind of product but you can save money on those who have a long shelf life and are subject to price changes from demand and supply factors. Buying your produce and products in bulk saves you a lot of money over time.

Take an inventory of your essentials in your home, write down a shopping list of things you need and stock up on necessary things. Having an idea of what you need and don’t need which helps curb unnecessary spending. There’s also a discount attached to buying goods in bulk plus there just might be a promo going on which adds more to the products gotten. This also saves you fuel money which would have been spent on various trips to the store or market.

Buy in bulk, Stock up and Have a lovely weekend ahead.


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