“Rome wasn’t built in a day” neither was any other city, I’d like to believe. It takes adequate time and preparation to go into any project, assignment, work or anything for that matter. Preparing a solid foundation for whatever you’re going to do is needed to have a successful outcome of that project, little or small. You think not? For instance, you want to prepare a quick meal of indomie noodles. You’ll need to obtain the needed packs of noodles, water, any other ingredients you may want to add and lest we forget, the fire to cook it. If you don’t want to prepare it and instead place an order for it, you still need to look for the best option out there and have your money ready to pay when it arrives. This is basically laying the foundation. You can’t just wish for indomie and it will appear (except you’re a genie then that’s okay).

Making preparations vary according to what goals you want to achieve but one agrees that knowledge is required to carry out whatever project is embarked on. Knowledge can be gotten either through practical or written experience or both. Reading a book or undertaking a course gives you a knowledge of what you’re going into and shows you what you need to do. Taking an internship or getting a job also gives you knowledge of the sector you desire and a clearer more practical idea of your project. Acquiring knowledge depends on you, what you’re planning for, the timeframe given amongst other things.

Delving into personal finance requires that groundwork be laid in order to fully understand what you’re going into. You may think personal finance doesn’t involve much preparation but keeping team of your expenses, saving and investments requires some level of skill so as not to get yourself confused and make bad financial decisions. Reading a book on finance, taking w crash course or even volunteering to work under an expert may kick off your journey into the financial world and make it smoother. Today is a good day to start and try something new. Have a lovely Monday.


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