Meet Abel Omachi Adejoh, An Active Saver On

Going forward, we will be shining a light some of our savers every month.


So this month’s featured member is an Architect and a part-time angel investor in Lagos. He was initially saving for a vacation outside the country but now he may be changing his mind and leaning towards using the savings for a business deal. With his savings so far, maybe he can do both. Let’s find out more about Abel.


What is your full name?

Abel Omachi Adejoh

What do you do?

I’m an Architect by profession and an angel investor when a good opportunity arises.

What savings plan are you on?

I’m on the Daily Savings Plan. I save N1000 everyday.

What exactly are you saving towards?

When Piggybank was launched, I was saving towards a vacation outside the country but overtime I’ve come up with ideas I could invest in with my target savings amount and have them running by January next year.

How has the experience been?

It’s been great really. I’ve experienced some issues which hindered me from saving for  about 2 months; so I fell behind on my savings. But the fault was 100% from my bank and Piggybank took it upon themselves to resolve the issue. For that I’m grateful.

What other features would you like to see on

Wouldn’t call them features but I’m sure a lot of people are saving but don’t have an Idea of what they’d like to do with the money. Piggybank could come up with really good suggestions. E.g Travel. Piggybank can partner with a travel agency to get 5 day trips to cool destinations at subsidized rates for its savers. I’m aware 300k gets you to Zanzibar for 5 days…

Also, maybe a monthly reminder to all savers e.g “Congratulations Abel, you’re only 100,000 away from  achieving your target.”

Tell us something really awesome about yourself.

Ah well. Nothing comes to mind except I warn people from the start that I’m extremely boring and most times make them laugh so much they start to cry. Lol!

If you win a lottery today, what will you splurge on?

Definitely charity. Also I’ll bring some or all of my ideas to life depending on how huge the lottery is.


Thanks for letting us tell the world a little bit about you, Abel.


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