Last Lap

It’s the last day of the second quarter of the year and what other time than now to take account of what you’ve achieved all year and make plans for the rest of the year? Did you achieve that weight goal? How much have you saved so far? Did you follow the 1000 naira a day savings plan till this day? Started a new business? Picked up an old one and rebranded? Got funding for your business venture? Did you get a new job or promotion? Just finished school? What have you done so far that you can be proud of all year? Whatever it is you did or are about to do, you still have time to start strong and achieve something worthwhile before the year ends. Got you thinking right?


tumblr_n7d1zhrD791smcbm7o1_500 (1)


If you’re a gamer and you’ve played Assassin’s Creed and you’ve come across the move called Leap of Faith, you’ll realize that taking a risk in needed sometimes to move forward in life and make big changes. It’s easy to lose focus on our goals and new year resolutions as time goes on but it’s okay and very important to keep on trying till you achieve your goal and set a greater goal. Having set milestones will motivate you do better and go higher than your previous project despite the prevailing economic conditions. All you need a little push to keep you going and you can either look within or look outside for the motivation. Key thing is to start first and try to finish strong. So, open up your laptop or find your way to that cyber cafe, get rid of all distractions and get to work on that project. Let your future self thank you for this.

Get moving and face the new month head on.


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