Recession and Its Cousins

Life comes at you fast. One minute you’re spending laulau in the club, next minute you’re watching your indomie soak because it’s double the former price and you can’t afford it. Economic Recession is like the thief in the night that comes to steal your TV remote and changes the channel when he runs past your house each time (if PHCN isn’t busy withholding the power from you). It’s frustrating and you think of various ways to deal with him just to make you feel better but you can’t. You just have to ride it out, hope the harassment stops while trying not to blame yourself for the break-in. This economic situation we currently find ourselves in can be likened to that unexpected turn of events.

Or wait, was it expected? Did we just ignore the signs all along? We watched as the value of the Naira dropped compared to other currencies, as the prices of foodstuffs and services increased with each passing day, as a lot of people were laid off from their jobs and as incomes stayed like Lot’s wife while everything else races on like Bolt. We laughed and laughed and laughed while the economy got worse till an international news channel declared recession has come to stay in our nation without paying rent. Then the panic started spreading like a virus and it became really serious to us.

So, what next? What next for us? How do we survive in a time like this?


Well, we’ll continue on Wednesday as my free ride is here. Have a lovely Monday.


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