Extra Weekend Spending

Guess what? Guess what? Sallah celebration is here and we get some days off work to celebrate with Muslims around the country which is well needed during this stressful time. The celebration brings with it a feeling of ease and joy which in turn makes people spend a lot despite the economic situation in the country right now. So how do you keep from spending money you should be saving during times like this? If you plan on throwing a party for your friends during this season of celebration, setting a strict budget is advisable. Also telling your friends and family to bring a bottle when coming or a plate of food will go a long way. Taking advantage of the skills of family or friends such as those who are good with cameras and can help cover the occasion, those who can bring streamers or decorations or pitch in one way or another to save you from spending a lot.

For those who plan on going out, taking advantage of car ride promos, carpooling with friends or taking public transport will go a long way when helping you save money spent on transportation. Also, doing your research before going out on the places you want to go to so as to have an idea of the prices of their services there is also key. Have a designated “mom” who will help you curb spending habits when the urge to swipe cards at restaurants for overly priced foods and drinks will help too. Going out with a specific amount or a card with a credit limit will reduce the aftermath pain when you check your account balance the next morning after spending the night before. For others like me, we will spend our weekend sleeping, eating and basically preparing mentally and physically for the new week,

Having all these in mind, it’s safe to say you’re ready to go out and have fun.

Have a lovely weekend ahead and be safe.


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