Post Work Stress.

You get off work on a normal day and you feel yourself getting lighter and you’re happy. All you can think of is going home a good meal and well deserved sleep, then you get a mini panic attack when you realize you have to wake up before 6am and start another day of hustle. Different factors can trigger stress hormones in the body and different people react to stress in different ways at their places of work. It could come from unexpected pressures at work, unhealthy work conditions, hostile work environment, long working hours, quantitative or qualitative workload, negative feedback from your bosses, mismatch of skills to job done and many more. You’re not the only one suffering from this problem as a lot of workers agree that work or occupational stress is indeed rampant in work environments. This affects productivity, me talks and physical health amongst other things causing a high turnover rate in most companies.

Having two days extra alongside the weekend was heavenly and much needed but just like the mini panic that comes every Sunday night before Monday mornings, some may have had the same panic attack at the thought of resuming work after the last day of the extended weekend. It may have been the thought of the traffic during rush hour, the amount of workload waiting for you, the rush of emails from customers, the isolation at work, the look of disapproval from your bosses for taking a break, the hostile work environment, little pay and so on. Do you agree with this? So, how do you create a stress free work environment when you’re stressed at work in order to boost your productivity? Start by speaking up about unconducive work conditions, ask for more help with your workload, request for a change of job description, make efforts into boosting your skills and apply for a better job, surround yourself with positive thoughts and statements and set an achievable goal for yourself. These should start you up on your journey and reduce your work related stress levels.

Have a work stress free week.


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