All Work and No Play…

You remember those kids in school who will play all day and still ace every paper in school? The ones who sit at the back of the class, throw spit balls, stir up trouble for fun, chatter like magpies and answer any question the teacher asks while you’re there paying close attention and still confused? Oh let’s not even begin with those who party every weekend (weekdays inclusive), strut into the exam hall and still complain that they failed even though you’re staring at their 99.9 over 100 score? Yup, those ones! They had the perfect school-life balance.

It’s not so straight forward or easy outside school when you get a job or start up a business of your own. Finding the perfect work-life balance can be a bit tricky and does take some time. Before we go off rambling, a work-life balance is a concept that connotes proper prioritizing between work (your career) and your lifestyle (leisure, family and so on). With the demanding pressure from work, most forget to focus on other areas of their lives thereby creating an imbalance. It is sometimes the other way round where people tend to play and then their work suffers from that imbalance.

So what do you do to create a perfect work-life balance?

We’ll look into this next week. For now, go have a great work free weekend.


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