Nobody Wants to Pay Fresh Graduates

…especially in this economy. “Go to school”, they said. “You will take all our jobs and money after”, they said. No one mentioned that your dreams of earning millions monthly will be deflated faster than your car tire when LASTMA holds you for doing wrong. You prance into the job market like a newly birthed Bambi eager and ready to pour out all that knowledge learnt and you see begin your job application to different companies. Sweat pours down your face as you realize all the job positions you want require 7 to 10 years of work experience, with one or two specific certifications and people of a certain age bracket.

All hope isn’t lost as you expand your search to vacancies looking for people with 0-5 years of work experience. You find a couple and you’re happy as your shoulders are raised like you have boil under your armpit. Then you look through the job requirements Vacancy: Graduate Intern

Job Requirements: Persons must be under 26 years ✅

Have a B.Sc. or M.Sc. Degree ✅

Must be Computer Literate ✅

Salary: 80-100 thousand monthly…

Hollup! Hollup!!

You’re thinking of your masters degree in Deep Sea Exploration and Business Management (Oil and Economics Option), all the millions spent, the time and energy you spent getting it and you look at your interviewer like


You chuckle because you remember the ginger with which you said you’ll demand a monthly salary of nothing less than 500,000 naira monthly after school and yet you’re here begging to be paid 100,000 monthly. So, what next? How do you get companies to take you seriously as a fresh graduate and pay you properly for your skills and knowledge?

Start Small: It may seem like a difficult thing to do but no one wants to take a risk on an untrained employee with no prior work experience. So, start small and build up your portfolio from there. Then you can begin to make demands on what you expect to be paid. Also, have a side hustle and another and another.  Jobs that won’t interfere with your main job and will still bring it a moderate source of income for you. This also helps to boost up your portfolio.

Go Through Your Contact List: There may be an uncle or an aunt who can help you get a good placement in a company probably by putting a go word of two.

Speak Up: Most employers will think you comfortable with your pay if you don’t speak up. Demand for a raise that matches both your qualifications and work load. Disclaimer: You may get fired though.

Finally, if all things don’t go according to plan, it’s time to go supernatural and say


Well, don’t lose hope. Today is a good day to begin your job search. Have a fruitful week ahead.


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