Accidental Entrepreneur

“All jobs are stressful but doing what you love will make it enjoyable”, is the conclusion I’ve come to concerning jobs and working and adulting in general. Some people are better suited for 9-5 jobs while some are better suited for making their own hours working for themselves. So you may have considered quitting your 9-5 job for something more flexible but at what cost? Why should you work for yourself?

Well, let’s see some reasons why working for yourself might not be such a bad thing.

No Costs Of Traveling To Work: Even if work for you means a ten minute walk from your home, you don’t have to worry about getting up early, cajoling your body out of bed and looking for what dress (corporate, comfortable and classy) matches your mood. No mental strength expended daily in order to get up and hear the conductor shout “YAB’LANDE” while you jump into a moving bus and fight for change while banishing foul odors. No extra Hail Marys needed to make your car invincible to LASTMA officials and armed robbers. No forced chitchat with colleagues. Oh, you also save transport money on working from the comfort of your home.

Are New Clothes Necessary? No really, are they when you’re working for yourself? It’s not like you’re going anywhere outside your house so all the higi-haga and expense associated with finding the right clothes and changing your wardrobe can be avoided. Any meeting with you can be solved via video calls and nice pants, a nice tee and a simple jacket will suffice if you ever need to meet in person. Good. Now you can close your shopping cart and out that money back. Let Your Time

Do That Yoga!: Allow yourself determine your working hours as you now have flexible time to start and close whenever you like. Working from the comfort of your home can save you expensive lunches and even employee downtime.

Need anything else? Good. Have a lovely Wednesday.


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