Change is Hard but Needed.

If you’ve ever tried to stop an addiction, you’ll know how hard practicing a 6 letter word is. Let’s not even go too far, how many people followed through with their new year resolutions this year and stuck with them despite all odds? Yeah, I thought so. It’s easy to give excuses when there’s a shift in the order of things you played out for yourself and very hard to go for the final goal even when that shift happens. Change (not our president) is constant and even when you don’t want to, you have to change with the ever changing times.

10 years ago, who would have thought that Art will take on a new meaning, informal dressing will be the new corporate dressing, face contouring will be a thing, Nigeria will be in recession (okay maybe we had that coming) and many other things which have taken place. Come on, you’re ten years older than you were ten years ago. So, do you then stay put without reinventing yourself or do you gauge the times and adjust to changing times? There are new opportunities out there daily which require skills for one to access them. To reinvent yourself, you first have to realize and accept that change in certain areas are needed. Get real with yourself, carry out your research on how the change happening around will affect you, learn new needed skills as it’s never too late to start, get yourself a support system and begin by taking baby steps.


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