It Gets Easier Everyday

So let’s see how today goes, a bus from the mainland to Lagos Island will cost me two hundred Naira. There are two options of getting to work from the final bus stop: Either with my God given motion machines or with the help of a tricycle (aka keke napep). I choose the former, which will cost me a hundred Naira. All these will go as planned, all things being equal, and I’d have spent a total of three hundred Naira on my transportation to work. Now, lunch is given at work which takes the stress of paying for what I’ll eat and limits my options of what I feel like eating. However, what if I want to eat something different? Like the new amala spot around the corner I’ve been meaning to try out? Do I take extra cash or put away my amala cravings?

Decisions, decisions…

Okay, I settled for limited lunch options at work. Let’s ignore the different types of food…sweet, mouth-watering food that danced around the office (our excuse is that we’re part of the fitfam).

Phew! It’s time to go home.

Thankfully, I made it through without giving in to withdrawing cash using my ATM and spending it on my wants. Now it’s time to go home and I have to choose between taking an uber (might cost me at least 2000 naira, arguing with a stubborn driver who might get lost, watching him suck up to me for a 5 star rating and enjoying the AC) or taking the Keke and bus home again (which will cost 300 naira in total, listening to passengers argue and having to shout at intervals to the driver to slow down). I chose the bus obviously. Who doesn’t want to listen to a bunch of strangers argue and shoo some away from the screen of your phone? Exhilarating, isn’t it?

Guess what? I just made practical decisions not to spend more money than I needed today and it felt good. It isn’t easy but with each passing day, it gets easier and in the long run you’ll thank yourself for showing restraint at times like these.

Have a lovely Wednesday.


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