It’s Wednesday And the Naira Keeps on Dropping

Remember when we had 150 naira (Gear One) to a dollar and were complaining? Then things increased to 200 (Gear Two) and then 300 while we laughed and said it will come down soon. Our eyes opened when it entered the 400 (Gear 4) atmosphere and now it’s advancing to 500 naira going for one dollar. No one has to tell you that buying things online is a No-No as the debit alert you’ll receive after clicking on the Checkout button is enough to cause coronary artery spasm. Even the prices of locally made items have gone up and let’s not even get started on the prices of foodstuff. This may continue for a while before things get better but one thing is for sure, you have to survive through it all.

Resist making online purchases or any unnecessary purchases this season.

Save up. You can’t have too much savings especially when job security is really fragile and companies are laying off workers daily.

Try out your hands at new stuff which will bring you money or save you money. Go online, look at DIY videos and try them out at home when necessary. Look for services you can render in exchange for other services or cash.

Invest the few you have in something good. No, please don’t put all your money into MMM and cry like a siren later that you’ve been duped. Also, protect your investments. In relation to this, protect your private information (emails, passwords and so on) and report all suspicious and fraudulent activities.

The naira will eventually stabilize but in this time when it is turbulent and rises faster than yeast, stay calm and make necessary changes to survive.


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