Did You Know?

Money, money, money, always sunny, in a rich man’s world…*does the electric slide*

Well, Abba never lied about how money lights up your world because you certainly cannot use “God bless you or Thank you” to pay your light bills and you sleep easier knowing you’re not in debt and your bank account is suffering from obesity. We spend most of our lives making money and spending the money we’ve made. Money is very important in every aspect of our lives so because of this, I’d love to give you weird things you probably do not know about money you handle everyday.

Did you know?

The money you handle daily is dirtier than your bathroom at home (unless you have an extremely dirty bathroom). Money passes through a lot of hands which have a lot of germs on them and thereby is a carrier of a lot of germs moving from one body to another. Yuck right?

No tree loses its life in the production of money. Money isn’t paper even though it’s called paper currency. If we want to use the right term, money in that form will be called Cotton/Linen Currency as it is made from part cotton, part linen.

Everything dies, even money. Different currencies have various life spans ranging from 3 years to over 15 years of life. So, can we have a moment of silence for all the money which have passed on? Amen? Amen.

They say Money can’t buy happiness but neither can poverty so why not get money which can buy you all the things you want which in turn will make you happy. Therefore, money can buy happiness.

Did you know you didn’t need to know all these? Go have a lovely week ahead.


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