Who’s Really In Charge?

It’s a lovely Monday morning despite the economic situation of the country, the odd waking hours of working class people and the crazy traffic that comes with rush hour. It’s the last quarter of the year and while some are happy they are where they planned to be, some still have a long way to go to achieving their dreams and aspirations. Having this in mind, the urge to hustle and make it financially (especially as the festive season approaches rapidly), some have been driven to make money using illegal means.

“The love of money is the root of all evil” but no one loves poverty so it seems like we have a dilemma here. This quote, albeit misinterpreted by many, comes to mind when one notices the increasing rate of crime in the nation. In a bid to make it and live comfortably, some have been driven to make money at all costs and have resorted to illegal means of getting and making money. So, are you in charge when it comes to financial issues or have your finances taken control of you? Are you content with what you have (while aiming to do better) or have you taken wrong steps to keep up with what is in demand socially?

Today is a new day to take several measures to ensure you control your finances today. What are the measures you can take to ensure you have total control over your finances?
Get a detailed record of your expenses, investments and savings.
List out your goals and set a reasonable timeframe for achieving it.
Make a well planned budget and make room for unexpected encumbrances.
Take care of your debts first and then attend to other expenses after taking care of your debts.

That’s a good start and have a lovely week ahead.


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