How Long?

How long can you go before a pair of nice shoes catches your attention and you find yourself bargaining with the seller on the price of the shoe? How long can you go without whipping out your credit card and swiping to make a purchase? How long can you stay away before turning back to purchase that item you know you want but you truly do not need? How long can you save for before spending all on something you may end up regretting later?

Consistency is key. In everything you set out your mind to do, consistency is very vital. It’s easy to wake up today feeling in a superhuman mood and say you’ll cut carbs and fuzzy drinks out of your diet, save more than 50% of your income monthly, exercise 4 to 5 times a week and basically get your life together. The first few hours or days may be easy till you’re surrounded by good looking, mouth-watering drinks and carb filled meals with international exposure, till the weather feels like it was made to keep you in bed all day, there are numerous emails from your favorite shops having sales…and you find yourself giving excuses and slipping up.

So, how long? How long can you make a plan and stick with it? It’s not too late to make a new, reasonable plan within a sensible time frame. Start small and build up from there. The beginning isn’t always easy but the more you’re consistent, the more it becomes a lifestyle for you.

Have a lovely day and weekend ahead.


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